The Vitality Coaching Model is an integrative coaching model rooted in health and wellbeing that takes the whole person (body, mind, spirit) into account.  It is informed by evidence, guided by intuition and makes use of any number of appropriate approaches.  Building on the metaphor of a successful road trip, each road map is unique to each individual client and is co-created by client and coach based on the model below.














I am known by many as a health educator in the areas of nutrition and fitness coaching, health promotion, movement and rehabilitation, and yoga.  I often get the question of how is coaching different?  

In coaching, you, the client are in the driver's seat and you are considered the expert in your own life's journey.  As the coach, I am a part of your GPS or Navigation System (observing, offering information, guiding, supporting) partnering with you to envision your destination, identify potential obstacles, co-create the road map and accountability to keep you on track to reach your destination.

Tell me your goals and what’s important to you.  I’ll meet you where you are and, together, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s standing in your way and holding you back from achieving the goals that you dream of.


Through one-on-one coaching and the use of tools from areas such as Positive Psychology, Body-Centred Coaching, Values, and Mindfulness and Strengths Interventions, I’ll support you every step of the way.  I’ll help you create a plan that works for YOU and YOUR life to achieve your passion-driven career and life goals.  Together, we will monitor your progress and keep you accountable to arrive at your envisioned destination. 


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*One-on-one coaching via Zoom, FaceTime or Phone. 


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