vi – tal – i – ty


'The state of being strong and active; energy'


Synonyms: liveliness, life, energy, spirit, exuberance, bounce, vibrancy,

vim, pep, zest, sparkle, passion, fire, vigor.


To inspire, guide and support busy women to eat, move and live better to optimize their health and vitality.


Lose weight, build strength, and have more energy.

Get leaner, build strength and improve your energy. Tell me your goals. I'll help you get there. In under a year you will be living a life of health and vitality.


We'll make living

healthy a habit.

Most people who try to make lifestyle changes burn out quickly. I'll help you focus on the daily habits that lead to lasting change.


Easy, portable online convenience.

Take your coach and your program with you wherever you go. With our easy online platform we're always with you.


Welcome!  I’m so happy you’re here.  Make yourself at home and take a look around to see how I can inspire, empower and support you to become a fitter, healthier, happier version of YOU.


Why Choose Vitality Health and Fitness?


Chances are, I have been where you are…a busy working woman trying to juggle family, work and life responsibilities AND trying to look and feel my best AND still enjoy life.  


Stop dieting and struggling on your own.  At Vitality Health and Fitness, we specialize in coaching women in a safe and supportive online environment to help you eat, move and live better to live a life of health and vitality that’s right for YOU and YOUR BODY.


This program is not about fad diets, counting calories, or extreme exercise.  It’s a customized program that is compatible with your personal nutrition needs and preferences, and exercise experience.  It’s about creating lasting, sustainable change that fits YOUR LIFE and YOUR BODY.

We’ll make living a life of health and vitality a habit.  We’ll help you focus on the small daily habits and rituals to achieve big results and lasting change.


I'll help you stay accountable.

I’ll provide you with daily support, guidance and accountability, every step of the way, no matter what life throws at you. We’re in this together.


Busy? Let me do the

thinking for you.

You have enough to worry about already. Leave the details to me while you breathe easy.


Affordable one-on-one coaching.

Personal coaching is finally accessible and affordable. And it just works. Why? Because I am committed to helping you become a healthier, fitter, happier version of YOU.

'They Said'

I’ve been working with Anita Symonds Perrigo for a year now, and I can say, without hesitation or exaggeration, that it has been a life-changing experience. It’s not a magic pill... you have to commit to doing the work but it’s a simple, straight forward approach to living a healthy life based on common sense and easily sustainable habits. 

I’m turning 50 next month and with Anita’s guidance, support and kindness, I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been... and getting fitter every day!! Thank you, Anita!! 

- Karen Johnston Waite

Learn to eat better with lasting results, no fad diets or calorie counting here.

A personalized workout program that will meet you where you are, no experience necessary.

Find out what is holding you back from being the fit, happy, healthy person you're dreaming of being.